My final Late Late will be bittersweet

Lorna Nolan

Ryan Tubridy is gearing himself up for a tough performance when he presents the final Late Late Show of the season on friday, exactly four weeks after the death of Gerry Ryan.

The dad of two admits that it will be a bittersweet celebration for him when he takes to the small screen on his 37th birthday, given that it coincides with the month's mind for Gerry.

It is expected that Gerry's grieving children, estranged wife Morah and other close family members and friends will attend a private mass later this week to remember the talented dad of five.

Ryan presented an emotional Late Late show last month, which commemorated the broadcaster's many achievements, just hours after learning that his friend and colleague had died.


The Friday night show will be another emotionally charged evening.

"I'm both excited and nervous about it," he said. "Obviously again it's tinged with sadness that Gerry won't be there. It's a terribly sad end to the year.

"The weirdness of it all is tinged with the fact that it's my 37th birthday, the symmetry of it is bizarre. I'm looking forward to a break after that."