Mum stole bikes worth €3,500 in burglary of home

Judge John Lindsay put her the mother-of-three on a probation bond for a year, Stock photo: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Andrew Phelan

A mother-of-three took bicycles worth €3,500 from a house she burgled, a court heard.

Lisa O'Shea (24) was one of two people who broke into the home and took two bikes.

A co-accused who was not in court had a "bigger part to play" in the crime, the court heard.

Judge John Lindsay put her on a probation bond for a year.

Dublin District Court heard the burglary happened when the sliding doors of the house were smashed.

Two bicycles were stolen from the living room. O'Shea was identified on CCTV footage.

She was later arrested, but the property was never recovered.

In the other incident, O'Shea snatched a phone from a woman on the street. It was recovered and returned to the victim.

The accused's children were aged six, three and one and she had a history of substance abuse, her solicitor Aine Flynn said.

The accused had three previous convictions under the Theft Act, a garda sergeant said.

"She assures the court she is determined not to find herself in this kind of difficulty again," Ms Flynn added.

Judge Lindsay warned: "It ends up with you going to jail if you come back."

O'Shea, with an address at the Morning Star Hostel in the north inner city, admitted entering a building with intent to commit a theft.

The offence happened at Blessignton Lane, Dublin 7 on November 2, 2015.

She also pleaded guilty to stealing a mobile phone at Parnell Street on September 1 last year.