Mum-of-six who sold relaxant drugs had 'a very stressful life'

Antoinette Hopkins had initially bought the tablets for herself

Andrew Phelan

A housewife who was caught selling relaxant drugs on a Dublin street had "a very stressful life", a court has heard.

Mother-of-six Antoinette Hopkins (49) had initially bought the prescription tablets for herself before gardai caught her selling some to a man in the north inner city.

She avoided jail when Judge Gerry Jones said he would "give her a chance" and put her on a two-year peace bond.

Hopkins, of Upper Gloucester Place, Dublin, pleaded guilty to possession of Alprozam with intent to sell or supply.

Dublin District Court heard gardai were on patrol at Sean McDermott Street, at 12.45pm on July 26, 2017, when they saw Hopkins in a suspected drugs transaction with a man.

Both fled when gardai approached but Hopkins was arrested and had three tablets in her possession. The drugs had a value of €80.


Hopkins had a number of previous convictions, for offences including theft, the court heard.

"What drug was she selling?," Judge Jones asked.

Defence solicitor Conor Ruane said they were "relaxant tablets" and while not particularly serious, they were still controlled drugs.

It was possible to obtain them by prescription, the court heard.

"Is she a drug dealer or was it a one-off?," Judge Jones asked.

A sergeant said none of Hopkins' prior convictions was under the Misuse of Drugs Act.

Mr Ruane said the defendant was a housewife and mother of six children. She had bought tablets for her own use before the offence happened.

Hopkins had a "very stressful life" and was not involved in the sale or supply of drugs, Mr Ruane added.