Mum gave me great tips on being a real 80s 'Bridget', - Jennifer

Jennifer hopes that she and Bernard as Bridget and Eamon can nab some of the success enjoyed by Mrs Brown (Brian McEvoy)

Elaine McCahill

Jennifer Zamparelli has revealed her mum Myra has given her some great pointers for playing an 80s Irish mother in her new sitcom Bridget & Eamon.

Jen and her Breakfast Republic co-presenter Bernard O'Shea have teamed up to create a full series of their popular Republic Of Telly characters.

"My mum watched one of the scenes where Eamon keeps making me get up to change the channels and she said, 'I'd have been more angry in that scene now'," Jen told the Herald.

"She directs theatre so she gives me little tips and pointers.


"She always giving out to me about the fag hanging from my mouth.

"She was like, 'your diction isn't great Jennifer'.

"But she loves Bridget, she's really excited," she said.

The much-loved characters are set to hit the small screen next week and Jen and Bernard would love to take the 80s couple on the road with their own stage show.

Mrs Brown's Boys has tapped into the stage and TV worlds in the UK with their slapstick fun and the pair are hoping to emulate even a small portion of their success.

"We'd take 10pc of that success and we'd be very happy," Jennifer said.

"It's exciting for us and it was a dream to work on.

"We made a show for Irish people, in Ireland, with Irish actors and crew. But if that takes off, brilliant.

"Of course we'd love to be successful - and just 10pc of Mrs Brown's Boys' success would truly be amazing. We'd love to [take it to the stage]," she added.

The rights to the show are owned by RTE so if it takes off abroad, the funny pair won't be laughing all the way to the bank.

"It belongs to RTE, because we first did the characters on Republic of Telly," Jen said.

Bernard added that they'd love the show to do well and be picked up for a second series.

"We'd love all that and we'd love to do live shows, but we just need to wait and see how the public reacts to this," he said.

"Just because it's a RTE production, that wouldn't stop us from wanting to bring it outside Ireland. We'd still see the benefit of that."

Bridget & Eamon airs Monday, February 1, on RTE2 at 10pm.