Mugger's brother told victim not to call the gardai

Andrew Phelan

TWO brothers were accomplices in a theft in which one snatched a man's wallet as he sat having lunch in St Stephen's Green, while the other warned the victim not to call the gardai.

David Hanley (19) told the victim not to use his mobile phone after his brother Dean Hanley stole the wallet and ran off.

Dublin District Court heard David Hanley had not known what his brother was going to do and tried to take the blame for it after he was arrested.

Dean Hanley was not before the court, having already pleaded guilty on an earlier date.


Judge William Hamill adjourned the case against David Hanley, saying he wished to hear more details of what had happened in his brother's case before proceeding.

David Hanley, of Neptune Terrace, Sandycove, admitted a charge of theft on August 2 last.

Garda Siobhan Murray told the court the victim was sitting on the grass at St Stephen's Green with two women, having lunch.

Dean Hanley asked for a euro from the man's wallet, which was sitting beside him on the grass. He then kicked the wallet away and took it. David Hanley told the victim "don't touch that phone".

Garda Murray said the victim gave gardai a description of the culprits and they were arrested near the scene.

Defence Solicitor Michael Kelleher said the accused initially tried to cover up for his brother, taking the blame and saying he had stolen the wallet. This was because his brother was "more at risk" and had a "bigger history".

Judge Hamill said: "I would like to find out what the decision of the court was with the man who had the greater role".

He adjourned the case until tomorrow.