Mrs Jedward to the rescue

JJedward have revealed a near-death experience last week, when they were cut off by an advancing tide in Donabate. Stranded in the pitch dark, they adopted an unusual position in this hazardous situation, and instead of calling 999, they called their mum. Luckily enough, their mother phoned the Coastguard, who thankfully saved the twins.
 Now comes the news that they're hoping to organise a fundraising concert in aid of the Coastguard. Naturally, Jedward are planning big, and hope to enlist the help of Bob Geldof for the event. 
 "He's the man to ask how to do it," revealed John, "as he did such an incredible job raising money with Live Aid." And those cynics who may suggest that this sounds a tad ambitious for the twins should bear the following in mind. Of course, Jedward aren't just going to pick up the phone and call Sir Bob themselves. They'll call their mother, and she'll call Geldof.

LModel Michele McGrath last week described mixed martial arts as being "like chess." This week, model Emma Quinlan has gone further, having taken up kickboxing.
 "I need to get to know myself," she revealed. "I have to control my emotions, learn to stay calm while having the strength and power that anger can bring, but control it."
And there I was thinking these sports just involved kicking people in the head.