More kidnap hell trauma for Katy in the latest Fair City cliffhanger

Fair City's Katy during her kidnap

Melanie Finn

Fair City's Katy O'Brien will be forced to relive her worst nightmare when viewers see her locked in a room.

In scenes that will air on tonight's episode of the RTE programme, she gets into a row with Oisin Brennan when he barges his way into her apartment.


He tries to get information from her and she demands that he leaves her apartment but when he refuses, she runs to her bedroom, prompting Oisin to lock her inside.

Speaking about tonight's episode, actress Amilia Stewart said that it leaves Katy "traumatised all over again".

"For the last few months, she's been slowly trying to move forward and deal with what Ciaran put her through but tonight, she is instantly catapulted back to when she was trapped in the workshop.

"Oisin is a nasty character but I don't think he even realises what he is doing when he locks the door - he just acts out of impulse.

"But either way, it's Katy's worst nightmare to find herself back in that position. Who knows what effect it will have on her?"

It is only been a few months since the unfortunate Katy was released after being abducted by the evil Ciaran Holloway.

It was a tense storyline that went on for the best part of a year.

It even sparked an online petition, with thousands of signatures from viewers calling on the scriptwriters to finally free Katy.

Also in tonight's episode, Carol Meehan (Aisling O'Neil) is left thrown when she realises that Jack is bruised and decides to take him to the accident and emergency unit.

At the hospital, she is forced to lie about how he got injured when the doctor tells her that he knows what actually happened.

She then lashes out at Robbie over Jack's injuries, worried that she is becoming a bad mother.

And to make matters worse, Cathal calls her out on her parenting skills and brands her a danger to her child, leaving her devastated.

And Mondo also realises that all is not well between Kerri-Ann and Decco and Eoghan admits to Emmet that he misses Rose.