Moone Boy upstages Bressie in video

Kirsty Blake Knox

HE may be one of Ireland's most eligible bachelors, but singer and The Voice mentor Niall Breslin has been upstaged in his latest rock video by a 13-year-old schoolboy.

Bressie does his best to smoulder in front of the camera, but Moone Boy star David Rawle steals the show in Bressie's latest video, Show Me Love.

In the video, the ex-Blizzards front man rocks out in a recording studio with his backing singers and band, but all eyes are on David.


The Leitrim lad plays a high-powered music exec in a gleaming white suit who likes to spend his cash on fancy sports cars and playing golf.

The video opens with David getting ready for the day: he shaves, slicks his hair up and buttons up his bright white waistcoat.

He sips on a cup of coffee and reads the paper before heading to the recording studio to listen to Bressie's track.

But he doesn't like what he hears. Frustrated with his artist, David hurls abuse at Bressie and shakes his head in disappointed frustration.

Bressie first met David when he made a cameo appearance in Chris O'Dowd's comedy series Moone Boy.

Bressie played the part of a gym teacher. Speaking at the time, Bressie said David was an incredible actor.

"It was a lot of fun to film the episode," he said.

"The kid in it – David – is an incredible actor. I know people always say that about child actors, but I just couldn't get over how great an actor he is."


Bressie was clearly so impressed by David's acting skills that he cast him as the boss man in his new music video, as a hot-headed and demanding music producer who throws his weight around.

He shouts at a fashion stylist and knocks clothes out of her arms after she dresses Bressie in a green kilt and shirt.

Later he slaps Bressie in the face and throws drum sticks around the studio before stomping on a guitar.

After his hissy hit, David exclaims "What a disaster. I'm getting a soft drink," and storms out of the building.

This is the first single off Bressie's forthcoming album Rage And Romance and is the catchiest tune and the best video the Mullingar man has ever produced.