Moone Boy star David Rawle delighted to get ticket for the Oscars

Actor David Rawle aka Martin Moone at the World Premiere of Moone Boy series 3

Having harangued half of Hollywood, Moone Boy actor David Rawle managed to get a ticket for last night’s 87th Oscar ceremony.

Rawle is the star of Cartoon Saloon’s Song of the Sea and flew out to LA last week to soak up the “Oscar buzz” and try to get a ticket to the hottest show in town.

Thankfully, Song of the Sea producer, Paul Young, managed to locate a golden ticket in the eleventh hour.

“I rang and emailed every day,” Young told the Herald.

“It’s wonderful he is coming with us in the limo.”

Since touching down in La-La Land Young and Rawle have attended a string of glitzy parties including the Oscar Wilde party. “Famous people seem to be all over the place, I suppose it’s the week that’s in it,” Young said.

In Kilkenny, Cartoon Saloon held their own Oscar bash for those who didn’t make it out to Hollywood.