Mixed up confusion on the Dunphy Show

John Ryan

I missed the start of the Dunphy Show on Newstalk yesterday, so I thought the person having a go at Eamon Dunphy, pictured.

And Martin McGuinness was, for some reason, the Fianna Fail TD Dara Calleary, who, without a dog in the presidential fight and little to lose, was just freaking out. I found it quite admirable.

But it was, of course, Gay Mitchell putting it up to the big boys in a way that was both eloquent and hysterical.

I assumed I had missed Dunphy and McGuinness stealing Mitchell's lunch money earlier in the show so self-righteous, hurt and, let's face it, squeaky did he sound.

But on playback it was all a bit tame and certainly didn't merit the later head loss.

Which does beg the question whether he had actually rehearsed 'losing it'.

A thought which makes me profoundly sad.