Mixed reaction to new by-laws

John The Concierge at Brown Thomas's, Grafton St with his ear plugs.

By Paul Healy

THERE have been mixed reactions from buskers, businesses and shoppers on Dublin's Grafton Street to the proposed busking by-laws.

A doorman for Brown Thomas, who didn't want to be named, said the laws weren't going far enough and he was forced to wear earplugs to compensate for the level of noise.

"I think they [buskers with amplifiers] should be banned," he said. "This is my place of employment. I am standing here three days a week and they can be here with up to four amps from 11am to 6pm."

John Tecuceanu (below), who regularly busks on Grafton Street, told the Herald: "I mainly agree with these new by laws. I think there needs to be a code of ethics in place.

"In the past there wasn't a need for this but in the summer we would have people taking up one spot for over five hours."

Violin player, Bogdan Rusin (left) from Poland said: "We are just waiting for these by-laws. We are waiting for new regulations on amplifiers and times and places we can be. This will help people like me, especially in the summer time."