Missy's set for stardom - but Yvonne's keeping new love under wraps

Jane Last

LOVED-up Yvonne Keating was determined to keep things under wraps as she joined her new beau John Conroy while filming with her daughter.

Yvonne's talented daughter Missy (11) is filming her role in an adaptation of John Banville's novel The Sea, a €2.5m production for RTE which also stars Ciaran Hinds.

Yesterday, the schoolgirl was joined on set by her mum who was side by side with new love John Conroy, a director of photography for the film.

However, the new couple declined to pose for a photograph together -- opting to get on with their jobs instead.

Yvonne (38) was well wrapped up against the elements in a fur-hooded padded jacket while proudly watching daughter Missy being put through her paces.

"Yvonne has been on set with Missy since filming began last week, with John working as director of photography.

"Yvonne was asked to do a picture with John but declined politely and smiled," a set insider said.

Caring Yvonne stayed close to Missy with a blanket and hot water bottle to keep her eldest daughter warm between takes.

The crew are currently filming on location in the south-east.

Earlier this year, Yvonne revealed how her daughter became interested in acting.

"Missy caught the acting bug straight away.

"She wanted to start to audition very early on but we kept putting her off until she was older," Yvonne said.

"But we couldn't keep putting it off. She did one or two auditions and landed this role."

Yvonne and cameraman John (43) were first spotted together in London during the summer.

In April, Yvonne and her husband Ronan Keating announced their marriage had ended -- although their relationship had ended six months before, with both parties opting to keep it private.

The former couple have three children together -- Jack (13), Missy and Alan (7). They remain on good terms and enjoyed a holiday in Portugal recently with their children.

It's understood Yvonne has been dating John since February.

And earlier this month, Ronan publicly confirmed he had found love again with Australian TV producer Storm Uechtritz.