Miriam's the best character to play -- we're so different

Mario Rosenstock mimicking Vincent Brown

Mario Rosenstock

IF you asked me who my favourite character was to play, I would have to say Miriam. She's so far removed from me as a character that I really enjoy the whole leap of faith that I have to do.

There was so much reaction to it as well, if you look at her timeline, it was full of people remarking about the show. But she actually replied to every single one of them individually, which was the funniest thing. She was going "Yes, it was hilarious", and "It's a very funny show". She must have been on the Twitter machine all night long, there were that many replies.

James Reilly as a werewolf is also so much fun to do, as are Mick and Ming's radio show, which will make a reappearance on the next show as well.