Michael O'Doherty on Kirby

THE Bishop of Clonfert, John Kirby, has apologised for his behaviour in the past, which saw him moving priests that he knew to be abusing children to another diocese.

"I hadn't a clue as to how paedophiles operated," he said. "I saw it as a friendship that crossed a boundary line."

I have a similar story -- until now, I thought that those church leaders who indulged in this practice were misguided people who crossed a line. Hearing Bishop Kirby's excuse, however, I now realise that they are total morons.

lHOT on the heels of the U-turn on Health Minister James Reilly's proposed €10m cut in the personal assistance budget -- a victory achieved by 100 disabled people camping outside Government Buildings -- it is the elderly at large who are next to be targeted, with the free travel scheme coming under review.

Rather than just whinge about it, here's an alternative plan. How about we abolish free travel for Government ministers?

Because if anyone looks like they could do with a bit more time stretching their legs, it's that tub of lard James Reilly.