Men arrested over 'hit kit' have close links to Kinahan 'assassin'

Christy Kinahan

Ken Foy and Robin Schiller

The close associates of a man suspected of involvement in a number of feud-related murders were last night being questioned in relation to the seizure of an "assassination kit" in the capital.

The two criminals, who are aged in their late 20s and early 30s, were arrested and detained by detectives from Finglas Garda Station on Tuesday and Wednesday night.

One of the men, who is 26 years old, is being questioned for the unlawful possession of a firearm, while the second individual, who is 31, was arrested for withholding information.

Officers recovered a Nissan Pulsar on Saturday afternoon in Casement Park.

In the vehicle were two handguns, ammunition and a canister of fuel.

Both men being detained are from Dublin's north inner city and are known to gardai.

They are closely linked to a man who is suspected of being involved in a number of feud- related murders.

The man has come to the attention of gardai over the last number of years for drug related-offences and assaulting gardai.

However, gardai were surprised when he was suspected of involvement in feud-related murders linked to the Kinahan cartel.

The Herald previously revealed how a mob from the Crumlin area, which specialises in stealing high-powered vehicles, are the chief suspects in the theft of the Nissan Pulsar.

The car was stolen from Donaghmede three weeks ago.

This Crumlin-based gang is led by a 29-year-old criminal who has survived at least three attempts on his life in the past two years.

Gardai have estimated that the gang is stealing up to three cars every week.

The 29-year-old mobster is considered a main player in the "fishing" burglary gangs.

They use fishing rods to snatch car keys through letterboxes and then steal vehicles.

It is believed he has become a gangland target because of his involvement in drugs.

In March last year, however, he was arrested by officers investigating a murder.


As late as last month gardai foiled a suspected hit on his life in Crumlin.

Last year a gunman's gun jammed when he attempted to shoot the criminal.

His "business relationship" with a close associate of gangster Fat Freddie Thomson is also under scrutiny by gardai.