Medieval adventure that loses the plot


The Last Knights is set in an interesting alternate medieval world, one where multiculturalism thrives and racism is non-existent.

For instance, Morgan Freeman plays Bartok, the black, American-accented ruler of a small kingdom.

He's the master to the thoroughly English Raiden (Clive Owen), and they're part of a Himalayan-type snowbound empire with hordes of Asian, Hispanic and European warriors.

While the races may mix well, it's still a thoroughly dangerous place for all.

The emperor (Peyman Moaadi) is decent but clueless, while his minister Geza Mott (Aksel Hennie) is an evil sheriff of Nottingham sort who's up to all manner of bad things, like taxation and killing anybody who shows honour.

And when Bartok falls foul of Mott, and ultimately the emperor, only Raiden and his bunch of knights/samurai stand in the way of the empire turning evil.

Part Star Wars, part Shogun, part any swords-and-sandals epic you care to mention, The Last Knights begins with drama, and ends with some decent action scenes.

It's the long bit in the middle that's the problem.

After the death of Bartok, Raiden seemingly avoids taking vengeance (ie, there's no action at all).

Hennie isn't bad as the scheming minister, but Game of Thrones this ain't. Worth a look, but it's been done better elsewhere.

DVD extras: Cast and crew interviews, two making-of featurettes, trailer and digital copy.