Mayo must make their point

AS reality checks go, it was early and pointed - unlike the numerous attempts that veered everywhere but over Niall Morgan's crossbar.

Mayo are under new management but it was a more historic malaise, chronic shooting, that topped their list of crimes against Tyrone.

First up, losing to Tyrone in February (even at home) is no reason for crisis meetings. Only scoring 1-7, though, is a source of concern. Yet it was the terrible shot selection and general cluelessness, when faced by a 15-man defensive blanket, that had Mayo fans fretting most and wondering if Pat Holmes and Noel Connelly really will carry the September holy grail torch where James Horan left off. Tomorrow they host another northern team with a penchant for packing defence and hitting you on the counter. Monaghan won't make it easy; they never do. But a Mayo team making five changes (with Cillian O'Connor back) need to make a statement, if only to calm their fans.

ODDS: Mayo 8/13, Draw 15/2, Monaghan 7/4 VERDICT: Mayo

mayo v monaghan, tom, castlebar (2.0)