Mayo fan at a loss ... twice

"When Shane Scott jumped on the train for the All-Ireland final on Sunday morning, he made one last check list to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything. Mobile? Check. Keys? Check. All-Ireland Final ticket?

"To his horror Shane could not find the ticket. The match was about to start in just over six hours ...

"Shane (21) searched the train high and low to no avail. In pure desperation he jumped off in Castlebar station to try to get back to Westport.

"They drove back to Westport to retrace Shane's steps but found nothing. They then headed to Dublin hoping to get a new one.

"In a bizarre twist, Jason McDaid from Westport was heading to work on Sunday morning when he noticed a piece of paper on the street. It was the Hill 16 ticket.

"Jason decided not to cash in on the find. He handed it in to Westport Garda Station. On hearing that Shane had lost the ticket, his mother had contacted Mid-West radio, which broadcast the hard-luck story. By chance, gardaí in Westport station were tuned into Mid-West, and they put two and two together."

-- A heart-warming tale of luck, human decency and mad coincidence in THE MAYO NEWS. In the end though, Shane must've wished Jason was less honest.

Champions leave it late!

"The Donegal team bus was on schedule to arrive in Donegal Town between 8 and 9pm. The party are traveling from Dublin via Cavan, Enniskillen and Pettigo and were stopping for a meal in Cavan this afternoon. Unlike 1992 they will travel straight to Donegal Town."

-- A somewhat optimistic prediction in The DONEGAL NEWS. The victorious team bus actually arrived after 10.30pm.