Marioara cried and begged for ‘daddy to come and get me’

Marioara Rostas

By Andrew Phelan

MARIOARA Rostas phoned her brother in Romania shortly before she was killed and asked for "daddy to come and get me", the Central Criminal Court has heard.

Her father, Dumitru, was present in court yesterday.

The teenager was crying and seemed frightened when she made the brief phone call the day after she disappeared, her brother Alexandru said.

He was giving evidence on the fourth day of the trial of murder-accused Alan Wilson (35).

Wilson, of New Street Gardens, Dublin 8, has pleaded not guilty to murdering Marioara (18) at a house at Brabazon Street, The Coombe, between January 7 and 8, 2008.

Her body was found in the Kippure-Sally Gap area on the Dublin/Wicklow border on January 23, 2012.

Alexandru Rostas said his cousin Radu took a call from Marioara on January 7, 2008. His cousin handed him the phone and Marioara told him that she was out of town and asked him to "tell her father to go after her".

She also told him about being able to see "a little sign" and started to tell him about some letters, but the phone was cut off.

Cross-examined by the defence, Mr Rostas denied that he told Romanian police that Marioara said that she had been "taken from the centre of Dublin city by two men".

The court heard he told officers Marioara told him she had "50 cents to talk on the phone and that the boy dropped her off 200km from Dublin".

Her younger brother Dumitru said he last saw her as she was driven away by a man who said he was taking her for food.

Dumitru, who was 13 years old at the time, said the man gave him €10 before leaving in a Ford Mondeo.

He had been begging with his sister at the junction of Lombard Street and Pearse Street on January 6, 2008.

Asked if he got a look at the man, he said "a little bit" but he could not describe him now.


He had told gardai in a statement that the man was older than 25, was skinny with white skin, had neat-cut black hair parted to one side and was wearing a black tracksuit with green stripes.

He was asked to view an identification parade, but could not say for sure if the man was in it, his statement read.

The trial is due to resume before Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy and the jury on Thursday.