Mandy lands lead role in US version of Sharon's Pulling

Melanie Finn

ACTRESS Mandy Moore has been lined up to star in the US version of Sharon Horgan's series Pulling.

Sharon (43) is putting the finishing touches to the US pilot for her BBC show –and high profile star Mandy has been added to the cast.

Sharon – sister of former Irish rugby player Shane Horgan – achieved critical success with the series which was broadcast on BBC Three for two seasons and one special. It was axed in 2009.

However, it was picked up by American network ABC and Moore – a former popstar who had a recurring role on long-running comedy Scrubs – will be the star.

She'll take on the part of Louise, whose desperate attempts to find herself a husband all backfire on her.

Centred around three 30-something women behaving badly, Meath native Sharon played the part of engaged office worker Donna and co-wrote the BBC3 version of Pulling, which was nominated for a BAFTA for Best Sitcom.


She will now co-produce the American installment along with Dennis Kelly. She previously partnered up with ABC on the comedy Bad Mom which she also created.

Sharon, who's now based in London with her husband Jeremy and their two daughters Sadhbh and Amer, said she was originally spurred into writing Pulling in order to create a show specifically for strong female characters.

"There was nothing out there for me – I had to give myself a break," she said.

Speaking about the success of the show, she said they were "surprised" about it as was such a small programme on a a satellite station.

"We were amazed that people had found us. I don't know, it's really hard to say without sounding arrogant. We were happy with it and we felt that it was funny and even though it had grim, darker overtones people would hopefully still find the funny in it and appreciate it for that," she said.