Man accused of phone robbery

A YOUNG man accused of robbing another man's mobile phone after the victim was punched by an accomplice is facing a Circuit Court trial.

Craig Kavanagh (20) is alleged to have taken the phone and then returned it after examining it.

However, a judge decided the case was too serious to be dealt with at District Court level because of the alleged "intimidation" involved.

Kavanagh, of North William Street, Dublin, is charged with robbing the man at Parnell Street on October 18, 2011.

Owner spotted stolen laptop

A HUSBAND and wife who had a stolen laptop for sale at their Dublin store have been cleared of a charge of handling stolen property.

Shopkeepers Hua Li (35) and Yan Lu (32), of North Frederick Street, had the computer for sale in their shop when the original owner saw it.

The judge said she had a reasonable doubt as to whether the accused knew it was stolen.

Driver cleared in 'theft' probe

A MOTORIST accused of having empty plastic drums and a hose to use for theft has been cleared after he told the court they were for giving water to his horses.

Paul Joyce (31), of Foxdene Drive, Clondalkin, was stopped in his car by gardai, who allegedly noticed a "smell of diesel".

Judge John Coughlan said he had a doubt over the evidence and dismissed the charge against both Mr Joyce and his passenger at the time, Martin McMullen, of Drom na Coille, Lucan.