Major bakery recalls loaves over fear they contain pieces of metal

Bread may be contaminated. Photo: Oleg Begunenko

Ryan Nugent

Pieces of metal from an industrial sieve have caused a major bakery to recall all of its bread products with a certain best-before date.

Johnston Mooney & O'Brien has recalled all products with a best-before date of February 11 as a "precautionary measure", it said.

The Dublin-based baker said that there is a "small risk" of some of the loaves bought containing small pieces of metal.

However, a spokesman told the Herald they were unsure of the exact size of the metal pieces.

"It was a piece of the sieve that broke up into pieces, so we don't actually know the size of them," he said.

"It's a very small piece of the sieve. When it was examined at the end, there was a piece missing.

"The reason for the recall is that we can't establish definitively where it is so we have to take every precaution."


Johnston Mooney & O'Brien said yesterday that it had already been in touch with all of the stores it supplied to ensure the loaves were removed from shelves.

It added that any products that were in its distribution system have also been re- called.

"As a precautionary measure, Johnston Mooney & O'Brien is undertaking a recall of all bread products with a best-before date of February 11, 2018 as there is a very small risk that some may contain small pieces of metal," the company said in a statement.

"Only bread products with this exact best-before date are impacted.

"No bun or roll products are affected.

"Anyone in possession of a Johnston Mooney & O'Brien bread product with the best-before date of February 11, 2018 may return it to where it was bought for a refund.

"Alternatively, they can send the empty packaging with their name and address for a full refund to Johnston Mooney & O'Brien, 11 Jamestown Road, Finglas, Dublin 11."