Laura Butler

EASTENDERS star Jessie Wallace has called off her wedding at the eleventh hour in dramatic soap opera style.

The actress is now preparing to head off on her honeymoon with her six-year-old daughter after she called off plans for a wedding with only hours to go to the ceremony.

The cancellation comes after the star's fiance Vince Morse reportedly sent photos of a topless Jessie to his ex as recently as two weeks ago.

Fuming Jessie was left distraught in her room at exclusive hotel Pembroke Lodge over the weekend when future husband Vince confessed he was having doubts about the pending nuptials.

Vince (50) admitted to sending his ex-girlfriend, Karen Short, pictures of Jessie in sexy poses -- he even went as far as suggesting fleeing with his former lover.

"Vince has called Karen and begged her not to do anything with the picture he sent in a moment of madness. I think he knew deep down he was done for," an insider said.

Jessie, who plays Kat Moon on the Albert Square show, confronted Vince about the rumours on Sunday morning and has since thrown him out of the home the pair share together in Surrey.

More than 350 guests were due to attend the wedding ceremony, which had heavy security to keep the event private.

"We've had to turn quite a few guests away -- many did not know," a source revealed.

Staff at South West London hotel were informed about the cancelled wedding at 9am that day and told to get rid of the €20,000 champagne and clear away €4,000 worth of exotic flowers that Jessie had ordered.

The couple's reception entertainment -- an Elvis impersonator -- was also cancelled last minute.

This is the 39-year-old's third failed engagement.

"It must be one of the worst things that can happen to a bride -- on the eve of her wedding too," a source said.

"I've never heard anything like it -- she was wailing in grief.

"She kept screaming 'How could he humiliate me like this?'

"Her friends were calling him a w***** and telling her to be strong. But she was a woman in pieces. EastEnders couldn't have written a better script."

Sorry Vince -- who runs a firm which provides cast and crew on production sets -- is said to have tried to reconcile with his bride-to-be but has been sent packing.

A pal of the businessman said: "Vince can't stop crying. Jessie told him she'll never forgive him and he accepts he's betrayed her trust.

"He feels an idiot and just wishes he could turn back the clock."

The London-native has also demanded he transfer over his honeymoon flight ticket to Jessie's daughter Tallulah Lilac.

The soap star and her little girl will take some time to recover from the ordeal on the pair's intended honeymoon in Greece.