Love/Hate's Fran could move away

RTE Love/Hate star Peter Coonan (inset) has revealed how he would be 'coola boola' with a move to London.

"I'd go to London if work took me there. The guys are doing so well, I'd have to have a chat with my agent. I'd have to realistically start looking at London for work but I'm in no rush," the actor told the Diary.

He also revealed how playing ruthless Fran in the crime drama has had a huge effect on him.

"It certainly does affect you and takes its toll on you. Fran was a character that would lose the head where Nidge was much more calculated.

"There are definitely other characters I'd like to play. In Get Up and Go (his new movie) I play a normal person."

The Dublin actor recently welcomed in a baby girl named Beth with girlfriend Kim O'Driscoll and admitted that returning to acting after life as a stay-at-home-dad was "difficult".