Loved-up and together seven years, but at 23 I'm too young to wed - Lynn


SHE is loved up with her boyfriend of seven years, but a St Valentine's Day proposal is not on the cards for Dublin model Lynn Kelly.

The former Miss Universe Ireland says that while her long-term boyfriend Robert Barr is the one for her, she has no plans to follow in the footsteps of recently engaged Rosanna Davison.

"Everybody asks us that now because we're together so long and they say 'maybe this Valentine's Day' but you would be as surprised as I would be if anything happened," Lynn said.


The Assets model, who hails from Jervis Street in the city centre, began dating Robert when she was 15. The pair have lasted the distance but the 23-year-old says she is too young to walk down the aisle.

"We were babies in the beginning. But I think we've just grown together so that's how we are still going strong.

"I think we're still both so young and we've so much to do -- I've no plans of getting married or having a family anytime soon. I'm just having fun," added Lynn.

She is known for her gruelling gym workouts to maintain her super trim figure, but male attention is not something that bothers the brunette. " don't have any interest and if I'm out with the girls, boys just aren't on our radar. I'm happy enough in my relationship," said Lynn

"Robert is a very confident person anyway so he wouldn't be bothered."

Her background in Irish dancing has helped Lynn to stay fit over the years but keeping her toned physique is not as easy as she gets older.

"I never had to worry when I was younger because I was a dancer, but it gets harder as you get older. I go to the gym every day, I have to work at staying slim," she added.

So far 2013 has been a busy year for the Dubliner. As well as regular modelling work with Assets, Lynn has taken over the role of hostess at Buck's Townhouse for model pal Michele McGrath who has taken a few months off to travel America.


As a regular fixture at Buck's, Lynn enjoys only having to work on a Friday and having the rest of the weekend off.

While she is settled in Dublin, Lynn says she wouldn't rule out following fellow models Hannah Devane, Georgia Salpa and now Nadia Forde in trying her hand at modelling outside Ireland.

"London is only across the water so I'd never say never," said Lynn.

"Obviously if the opportunity comes my way I would think about it, but sure we'll just see what happens in the future.

"But I am very happy here at the moment and I've got some very loyal clients so I am pretty busy," she said.