Lotto jackpot heads for ¤3.5m

THE weekend Lotto jackpot is heading for €3.5m after last night's draw failed to produce a winner. The numbers were 9, 10, 23, 25, 32 and 38. The bonus was 30. The jackpot was €3,005,856.

One match five plus the bonus ticket won ¤25,000.

There was no winner of the top €350,000 prize in the Lotto Plus 1. The numbers were 8, 12, 16, 29, 34 and 36. The bonus was 39.

There was no winner of the top €250,000 prize in the Lotto Plus 2. The numbers were 2, 8, 17, 24, 25 and 27. The bonus was 15. One match five plus the bonus ticket won €2,500.

Turk sails into heartbreak

A love-lorn sailor has been detained by border officials after trying to sail into a British port to find his 'holiday sweetheart', despite admitting she has no interest in him.

Ramazan Culum was intercepted when his yacht reached British waters off Plymouth last Friday evening, having sailed from his homeland of Turkey in pursuit of romance.

The 38-year-old, who said he would go on hunger strike to convince the British woman of his love for her, is awaiting deportation.

Teachers back on write lines

A school is looking to recruit a proof reader to check for mistakes in teachers' reports.

The school in Ipswich, Suffolk, posted an advert on its website, saying responsibilities would include correcting "spelling mistakes, poor or missing punctuation, incorrect capitalisation" and improving "poor grammar".

The part-time job will also include helping staff whose reports need "extensive correcting by giving them feedback on their report writing and tactfully suggesting strategies to help them improve".

Gun customer shot in back

A gun shop worker accidentally shot a customer in the back as he unloaded a handgun.

The 65-year-old victim was taken from the shop in New Mexico to hospital, where he was in a stable condition.

Police said it was unclear whether the shooter will face any charges.