Locals back their man to hang on

Kevin McDonnell, from Lusk, where James Reilly, Minister for Health has his constituency office. Photo: Damien Eagers

By Luke Byrne

FOR Health Minister 
Dr James Reilly's constituents, its better the devil you know than the minister you don't.

On the streets of Lusk, the heartland of Dr Reilly's north Dublin constituency, there was a mixed reaction to news that the minister may lose his health portfolio.

Leslie Ann Nicolaou (top) said that she had been a patient of Dr Reilly's while he ran his clinic in the town. Ms Nicolaou had little good to say about her former doctor, but she felt it might be better if he kept his job.

"I think he has made a disaster of it, but it might be better the devil you know," she said.

Marie Cosgrave (middle) said that she had cancer, which is currently in remission, and the standard of care that she received far exceeded her expectations.

"I was surprised how good the service was, I got my medical card and I'm waiting for the disability pension," she said.

Local man Kevin McDonnell (bottom) said that the minister had his full support as he helped his wife Kathleen when she needed two hip operations. "I will vouch for James Reilly. He has my vote," he said.