Liz treats mum to Dublin trip

FORMER Atomic Kitten singer Liz McClarnon is to treat her mother Janet to a trip to Dublin next week when she spends three days visiting the capital city.

The Liverpool native opened her heart for the first time last week about her mother's cancer battle and says she is looking forward to spending some quality time with her in Ireland.

Janet (56) was diagnosed with lymphoma last year and still requires regular medical care to contain the illness.

"I'm coming over next week with my mum. We're going to be in Dublin for a few days," Liz told the Diary.

"I love Ireland and always enjoying visiting. We're going to relax and do some shopping. I'm going to be doing a few interviews while I'm there as well. I'll be on The Daily Show and doing some radio stuff as well to promote War of the Worlds."

Liz (29) is due to take to the stage at the O2 alongside former Neighbours star Jason Donovan later this month when she takes on the lead female role as Beth in the musical on November 29.

Prior to this the blonde beauty and her co-stars will be performing in Amsterdam, Belgium and Northern Ireland.

Liz admits she is desperately trying to overcome a fear of flying ahead of the first show on November 24 and is looking into seeking hypnotherapy while in Ireland.

"I had a really bad flight recently and it's left me terrified to get into a plane to go anywhere," she explained.

"I've tried everything to get over it. I've already been hypnotised but I might look into having some more. Maybe while I'm over next week I'll see what else is available."