Line up for sexy eyes that smoulder yet don't smudge

Sue Conley

Black eyeliner has become a cornerstone of my look.

I find that it is super fantastic when you use it to line the inside of your upper eyelid -- which can be seriously painful if you're not using a soft enough pencil. A touch of this on the eye can make them pop (ouch), but it's not so great if it runs and smudges. The goal this week: not to look like a raccoon!

BENEFIT Bad Gal Smouldering Black Eye Pencil, €14.25 * * * *

Shaped like a big fat crayon, this makes you want to just draw on lashings of black smouldery-ness. Okay, maybe it's just me. This goes on super easily, but also smudges with as much facility. Meaning: you're in for a set of panda eyes if you don't tend to this properly. Kind of annoying.

KARAJA Super Longwear Semi-Permanent Soft Eyeliner, €10 * * * * *

Semi-permanent? Eek, thought I. I like my black liner, but do I really want it to be semi-permanent? That is overstating it, to be honest, but I have to say I found that this had extraordinary staying power. I line the inside of my upper eyelid, and it tends to end up on the bottom, too. No amount of blinking made this smear. Amazing!

THE BODY SHOP Carbon Black Eye Definer, €12.95 * * *

This goes on so softly, there's no fear of poking your eye out. Unfortunately, it goes on so softly that it starts to spread almost immediately. This is not great for the inner lid and you really need a light touch when lining. On the up side, this is a good one to use if you like a nice, thick line of black, because it really is very, very soft.

CLINIQUE Quickliner for Intense Eyes in Intense Black, €17.50 * * *

I very much like that this is the liner that you can dial up as it wears down. No messing about with sharpeners! Unfortun-ately, this didn't last very long on the inside of my eyelid, so not much joy here at all. That said, it performed much better on the top of the lid, and smudged well, but a girl's got to have options, you know.