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Do you think that women change when they get wed?

Eoin Doyle (42), Dublin 13

Perhaps because they're now 'officially married' they're going to have a slightly different frame of mind. I imagine it's like 'now we're married, we should do things that married people do'.

Mike Stevens (28), Smithfield

Maybe they think that they have more of a hand to play. They will take more liberties in the relationship because they think they have control . . . they don't!

Niamh O'Loughlin (28), Blackrock

Yeah, I think so. They definitely stop window shopping. And they become more broody and settled down.

Laura Kinney (25), Castleknock

I'd say they used to but not any more. Women are more independent now and they're not going to change just because they get married.

Daniel Bohan (32), Bray

I've seen them change and I've also seen them stay exactly the same. But on the whole, married women can become very judgemental and they may even look down on single people.

Blaithin Keane (29), Dublin 8

No, they don't. Nowadays, people are getting married later, so they don't feel the need to change to suit anyone else.