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Your great running adventure is about to come to fruition

Remember the old Chinese proverb "Every great journey begins with a single step" – aren't you glad you took that single step 11 weeks ago and many, many more in between.

Now your great adventure into a new fitness regime, that has changed your lifestyle for the better, is about to come to fruition as race day beckons. From what I have seen at various Meet & Train groups, everyone has put in a great effort.

Don't worry if you have not covered the full 10k distance at this stage as with the accumulation of training, whether walking or jogging, will ensure you can keep on going at your own pace to finish on June 3. Remember, once again the old adage "train don't strain" and don't get carried away as all the hard work could be undone if you are struck down by injury or exhaustion.

If you raise your pace do it gradually and keep a smooth comfortable stride pattern all way through the final weeks.

As the runs or walks have got longer each week the most important factor is to cover the time allocated for each day. This will ensure that you have the stamina required for race day. This is the time you "listen to your body" and set the pace your body dictates as all the other every day happenings in your life, such as hard work, colds/viruses, may affect your energy levels and slow you down a little bit.

Do not let any negative thoughts take over, doubts about completing the distance are natural, even for experienced athletes. Look to this day as one of the great experiences of your life and with this positive attitude you are going to have a memorable day to file away for yourself personally and all your family and friends who will celebrate with you on a day that is a celebration of life for all concerned

For training schedules visit www.florawomensminimarathon.ie