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'Worrying' 10pc of us have no close friends

It is a lonely life for some as a 
"worrying" 9pc of people do not have a close friend, according to a study.

The research gathered statistics around how close we feel to others, including the "unimaginable" scenario of nearly one in 10 people saying they do not have a single close friend, and almost one in five (19pc) rarely or never feeling loved.

The poll of more than 5,000 people by relationship support organisation Relate provides a snapshot of various areas of people's lives - from family life, to sex, friendships, and interactions with colleagues and bosses.


The vast majority of people have at least one close friend, but it is significant that a "concerning" one in 10 does not, Relate said.

The survey found 91pc of people said there is at least one friend they are close to, and 81pc of women describe their friendships as good/very good compared with 73pc of men.

The survey found a quarter (24pc) of people are not satisfied with their sex lives, while more than one in three (35pc) thinks their bosses believe the most productive employees put work before family. It also found that 85pc of people have good relationships with their partners.