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Work pals who won't make tea stir us up

Workers who shout down the phone, never offer to make tea and coffee, or bring smelly food into the office for lunch, are among the top bugbears of employees, according to a new study.

The irritating habits of colleagues dominate a list of things that annoy workers -- although computer problems also rank highly among office staff across the country.

Slow computer systems, printer jams and unnecessary emails were a daily misery for workers.


But the research also showed that loud colleagues, annoying mobile phone ringtones, people eating smelly food in the office or never offering to make a round of drinks, also rankled with workers.

Dion Smith of Samsung Electronics, who surveyed 1,500 people, said: "It's interesting to see this 'can't live with it, can't live without it' approach to technological developments.

"It appears that all the fantastic benefits technology can bring to an office environment are being counteracted by its misuse."

Workers said they would like to see the development of an automatic paper jam fixer, and self-filling toner cartridges.