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With language like that, how could it not be Gay's Facebook?

GAY Byrne posted the following words on Facebook last week, who had temporarily suspended his page in the belief that it might be a hoax: "I would like to thank Facebook for being very diligent and asking me to prove that I am myself, and now that I have proven this, they have kindly reinstated my account and I look forward to hearing from you all again. Gay."

If proof were needed that it is the real Gay Byrne, you only have to read that sentence -- after all, who else would use such lugubrious language other than Gay?

Nearly all the posts on his site so far are simply people thanking him for accepting them as friends, and some people even spotted the chance for a bit of self-aggrandisement including, inevitably enough, one-time IT boy Gavin Lambe-Murphy.

"Oh you are back!!", posted Gavin. "Crona was telling me what happened to your page. The same thing happened to me when I first joined. Hope to see you soon -- Gav."

We shouldn't, naturally enough, believe what serial hyperboliser Gavin says, but temper that with the knowledge that, for the same reason, it is the real Gavin Lambe-Murphy who wrote the comment. After all, who would want to pretend to be GLM?