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Witchcraft can put magic back into your love life


Witch, Alexandrian high priestess, tarot consultant

There are a number of different strands of witchcraft in Ireland, the one I practise being coven-based and initiatory. However, witchcraft in Ireland has always been around, just called different things. The tradition I practise is newer, and only came to Ireland in the late 1970s. But white witchcraft is being more widely accepted and practised.

I don't do love spells -- ever. However, that does not mean I don't work magically for people, although I prefer not to, as working on a magical level interferes with the natural karmic cycle of someone's life.


Love spells are actually pretty silly. Why would one want to cast a spell on someone who is unwilling to be with someone under the usual circumstances of meeting, getting to know, and falling in love? Love is far too precious to be abused in such a way.

However, I do work magically for people to grow in self confidence and to love themselves. The people I work with are generally not clients, as I do not charge for spell work -- it is unethical. If I work magically for someone, it is because I choose to.

I think as well, one has to look at the possible outcomes of a love spell. If it is to mend a broken relationship, I would ask why -- some relationships aren't meant to last, they are meant to teach us something, allow us to grow and move on.

I would also work magically to allow someone grow from the heartbreaking experience of an ended relationship, to let them grow in confidence.


Many people have asked for love spells -- I would say more women than men -- but the most I would have done is a spell for confidence. If love is meant to be, it's meant to be. If it's to revive a relationship that has ended, I would need more specifics, but generally I'd advise people to walk away.

If you want a love spell, try this one: Look into your mirror every day, and repeat these words: 'I love myself, I believe in myself and I am open to a loving, honest relationship that will enrich both my life and the life of the right person whom I hope to meet. I will have the confidence, as will they, to say and express my feelings. We will be able to celebrate the good things and endure and grow from the bad things that life will inevitably throw at us, and we will grow together'.

Barbara is a co-organiser of Feile Draiochta. She also runs courses, www feiledraiochta.com