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Will I be able to fly on Ryanair?

MY Ryanair booking is NIcholas but my passport name is Nioclas. I am flying in June and he 24 hour name change periods is over. Will I be okay?

Yes, Ryanair tell me that minor changes are not being questioned under their new strategy, even outside the 24-hour changeover period. This is on a case by case basis, and does not apply if they sense you are trying to pull a fast one.

Where can I buy a nice bikini/suntan cream in the middle of spring?

Early sun-seekers needn't panic. Sun protection products can be found year round in pharmacies such as Boots. If you can't find the items on the shelves, try Boots' online shopping service at www.wellbeing.com. If you are travelling on a budget or simply want to save a few pounds you can purchase sun cream from the duty free store.

If all else fails don't worry -you're sure to be able to pick up swimwear and suncream once you arrive at your destination.

How can I write for Lonely Planet?

Most titles are updated on a regular basis by our large team of professional authors. They are always on the lookout for talented writers, especially women. They look for people from a variety of backgrounds who have professional skills and experience in writing and research, and who have travelled extensively. See the FAQ section of www.lonelyplanet.com for guidelines.

Where can I find train timetables in Europe?

The most reliable internet timetables in Europe all use the HAFAS "engine": each national timetable is on www.hacon.de/hafas_e/www.shtml