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Who says brain surgery is no joking matter?

My family and I have been playing a fun but tiring game of hospital tag, and although we get a break when we're relieved by another Kenny member, poor Jon doesn't.

Just as he waves off one lot of visitors, another one arrives -- I am sure he is sick of looking at our ugly mushes at this stage. It is not just the sight of us either that has him driven mad, we have also been eating his hospital dinners, drinking his Lucozade and stealing his Werther's Originals -- we are basically using his bed as a one-stop scavenger shop.

Never mind that he has just undergone major surgery and is impressing the doctors with his great progress, we feel that we REALLY deserve all his bedside treats.

His speech is back to normal which is great, but unfortunately this means we can't laugh at him as much . . . we still take every opportunity we can get though.

Like at his half-shaved head and semi-circle scars with little holes where his staples were removed. Or his grandad pyjamas and Hugh Hefner dressing gown. We are trying to come up with wild and exaggerated scar stories (like brain surgery is not impressive enough); the things we do to while away the hospital hours or simply to get a good laugh.

And we are not the only ones laughing at Jon's expense either. Two of his friends gave him a 'get well soon' card but wrote it backwards -- oh how we all chuckled at that one.

The hospital staff have been great and we have met some lovely nurses, not to mention his fantastic surgeon, Dr Martin Murphy. I never believed in love at first sight but when Martin arrived into the family room at 3.30am to tell us that Jon's surgery had went well, I knew instantly I was in love and only exhaustion prevented me from dropping down on one knee and proposing (though I would probably have had to take a ticket and get in line).

The fact that he requested we call him Martin and not Dr Murphy (apparently it is too pretentious) shows you the measure of what a great man, as well as surgeon, he really is -- he could have asked us to call him God Almighty and we would have done so, gladly.

Santa was really good to us in 2009 and we have a lot to be thankful for as the New Year begins.

While some find the post-festive period or New Year hype depressing, we are optimistic for the year ahead.

Plus, we will have another chance to celebrate Christmas in January to make up for the one Jon missed, and another excuse to eat, drink and be merry -- slainte!