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Which hotels offer the best kids' clubs?FAMILY FUN: Falcon hotels

Q Which hotels have the best kids' clubs?

A It depends on what sort of childcare you're looking for. Falcon Holidays run kids' clubs at most of its hotels in the summer months, and have a brand new Holiday Village in Cala Millor in Majorca. Options include the holiday village in their new destination Rhodes, SplashWorld Resort, kids' club property, the family friendly resorts on Ibiza of Port des Torrent and Santa Eulalia, and a selection of self-catering and all inclusive properties and hotels. They have separate groups for different ages, the youngest being 15 months old, the oldest for 15-year-olds. For the groups catering for under-threes, it's necessary to reserve a place in advance. Most of the other club activities are free of charge. See their website or kids' brochure for prices and availability.

Q What is the earliest age a child can start learning to ski?

A A child is capable of learning to ski from the age of three, but most ski schools impose their own limits (usually about four or five years old). Check regulations with the school or tourist office prior to departure and ensure that both you and your child are adequately covered by travel insurance. There is a ski instructor in Brixental in Austria, Christoph Stoeckl, who has designed a ski that does not require ski boots it means children can learn to ski at 14 months.

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