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What's the secret to barbecuing the cheaper cuts of meat?

Pork shoulder and brisket are worth seeking out from your butcher. They're very fatty cuts that become tough with quick grilling, but if you have time and patience they transform when cooked slowly over a low heat.

At Pitt Bros we use low temperatures (170F) to cook these meats for 12-18 hours. You need to be organised and start the process the night before but the results are worth it.

David Stone is co-owner of Pitt Bros, a 'Low and Slow' American barbecue eatery on South Great George's St. They're taking part in the Big Grill Festival, Ireland's first barbecue and craft beer festival, with demos, 
competitions and DJs in Herbert Park on August 
15-17. Tickets €10 at www.biggrill2014.eventbrite.ie.