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What's NEW in the world of literature

* Ray Davies has been announced as the main event at the Dublin Writers Festival in May. A nice mix of rock 'n' roll and literature, we say – insert appropriate Kinks' lyric here . . .

* We liked Paul Lynch's debut novel, Red Sky in Morning, and found the "sheer focus of this tale, its rage and disempowerment, its helplessness in the face of authority and its vengeance, is breathtaking, and not for the faint of heart", if we do say so ourselves.

The Black Snow, which will be launched on March 11, promises to be just as beautifully bleak . . .

* Bidding closed in Los Angeles recently on a first edition of The Great Gatsby by F Scott Fitzgerald. Here, the sorts of typos that digital book readers write about scathingly in reviews, take on a certain charm.

Well, that, and it's a pretty famous title. It went up with a minimum bid of $40,000 (€29,000); in 2009, a copy in 'exceptional' condition was sold for $180,000 (€130,000). Quick! See what's in the attic.

* It's probably too soon, but we're eagerly awaiting the news as to who will be the first Irish Literature Laureate.

The winner receives €150,000 for a three-year tenure, and the field is rather crowded – which is great news for us readers in general, but not so much for any of our writers who've got their eye on the prize.