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What do you think?

What's a deal-breaker in a relationship?

Aisling Cashen (25), Blanchardstown

Cheating would be for me. I wouldn't trust the person again if they cheated on me. I'd think that they were lying to me all the time.

Kate Curran (26), Artane

I suppose that cheating would be one. It would be a break of trust, especially if you were married and had children. Or if someone had a gambling problem.

Mairead Healy (21), Dundrum

If someone was a smoker, I wouldn't want to go out with them. I don't like the smell, smoking's a waste of money and also I'm asthmatic.

Mairead Enright (21), Wicklow

If I was going out with someone and they didn't give me enough of their time -- that would be a deal-breaker. A lack of trust would be another one.

Valerie Sexton (22), Rathfarnham

If I was the only one in the relationship making plans and organising everything. If the guy wasn't making any effort in the relationship, that would be one.

Edel O'Sullivan (27), Clondalkin

If the guy was smaller than me or I didn't like the way that he dressed. For example, if he tucked his tracksuit pants into his socks, that would do it for me.