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Blame the warmer weather, and the fact our clothes are getting lighter and more revealing, and more of our body parts are there for the world and its mother to see. Because more of us are wondering how to shed a few pounds – with absolutely no further delay, and definitely before we have to get into bikini bottoms. As a result, we're vulnerable to the quick fix, and hopeful in an evangelical way that a miracle diet will prove to be just the thing to banish our lumps and bumps.

Yet driving ourselves round the bend licking carrots and nibbling on raisins might not be the way to get rid of excess weight. And it certainly won't do our faces any good – it could, in fact, leave them pursed in an unattractive way.

So before you rush out and sign up to a diet craze, consider the not-so-great experiences on diets of some of our favourite personalities and columnists. While tomorrow they will reveal the exact exercise and health regimes which have helped them maintain a weight they're happy to be at.