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We talk about Cara Delevingne when we talk about eyebrows

TOO FACED Bulletproof Brows

37.75 HHHHI

This is a clay-based cream that comes in a pot, with a double-ended applicator; one end an angled brush, the other a spooly brush. It goes on, and stays on, which mitigates having to worry about bringing the brush along during the day; I hate not being able to avail of a touch up as needed, though.

BENEFIT Gimme Brow

€24.50 HHHHH

Oh, this is exactly what you want it to be. A small but perfectly formed brush allows you to apply dense pigment and brush your brows into shape at the same time. You can extend your brows, too, without looking like a clown. It lasts the entire day, with minor touch up to transition into the night.

MEMEME Arch Angel Tinted Brow Gel & Highlighter €10.50 HHHHI

This dual-ended little beauty has the brow stuff at one end, and an iridescent arch highlighter at the other. It's the same principal as the Benefit, but the spooly is thicker, and can be a bit unwieldy. I like having the sparkly bit to hand, and both last a full eight-hour workday.

NYX Auto Eyebrow Pencil

€7.49 HIIII

I found the product too hard to make a natural looking brow, and felt I was drawing more on my skin than imparting pigment to the hairs. Pass.

CLIniQUE Instant Lift for Brows


This is something of an improvement on the above, in that the product is much softer and goes on easier. This also comes with a highlighter on the other end, which is helpful. Still, I'm not in love as this too felt like it was merely drawing on my skin.

WET 'N WILD Brow Palette

€4.49 HHHHI

You can't beat this for price, nor, in fairness, for a hardy, well-defined brow. I quibble that there is only one brush for applying the pigment and the setting wax; I suppose that the more wax you get on the brush, the less you have to use in the future as it mixes on the brush? Not convinced by that, but otherwise feeling lots of love.

The dramatic brow isn't going anywhere, thanks to the likes of model Cara Delevingne (below). Achieve the look at home with one of my four or five-star recommendations.