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we owe SATC a big thank you

Sex and the City 2 has arrived! It hits cinemas on Friday causing a Cosmopolitan-fuelled frenzy across the country. My GBF has been planning our evening with meticulous detail -- booking early to ensure we secured seats for opening night, planning outfits, arranging post-movie drinks and finally dancing (to the George or the Dragon inevitably knowing him).

Since college, when we would spend afternoons gossiping with SATC in the background, Carrie and Co have been part of our lives.

I dip in and out of other series but this is one programme, perhaps because of its culture of prioritising fun and friendship over other societal expectations of marriage and children, that has had a predominant influence in my life.

This series means more to women than shoes and sex -- it's about living life to the full, working hard, aiming high and empowering yourself with fashion and friendships.


It's easy to say because I'm in a happy relationship at 28, but I don't succumb to any pressure that we must be married with a mortgage by 30 either. Thankfully himself shares my views, as with or without him I had planned to spend my twenties renting in town.

SATC is credited with re-evaluating the role of women in society, placing friendships and careers at the core of contemporary women's lives with men coming second.

The show's underlying message that helped shape a generation is that while it's great to have a man it's not the ultimate in achieving happiness. That's down to you.

Sex and the City also scuppered the notion that talking about sex is taboo -- the girls discussing relationships in a frank manner showed how important it is to have friends you can trust implicitly, and that such friendships should be treasured!

It's no coincidence that most of my friends share similar views -- a brave bunch who have quit jobs and left relationships all because they were courageous enough to question if they were really happy, something not always advised by mainstream society as it goes against the belief that we should hurry down the altar with the first decent man who proposes, be grateful for any job we can get and not chase dreams.

SATC has definitely cast an influence on our twenties. So what if we want to buy handbags instead of cars and live in shoe-box apartments just to be close to the city centre?

It's about living the life that makes you happy.

In this current climate, it's nice to add a little sparkle to life -- that's why we'll be drinking cocktails all night next Friday, SATC style, even if it means cutting back for the rest of the weekend afterwards.