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We created a dairy-free ice cream... now we're enjoying the sweet taste of success

Rachel Flynn is 28 and after spending five years working in advertising, she recently opened an artisan heath food company called Nobo with her fiance, Brian.

"I have a masters in Advertising from DIT and worked for five years in the industry both in Ireland and New York. As with most jobs, it had its highs and lows, often involving late nights, high pressure and tight deadlines. But I've worked with amazing and talented people and gained some hugely helpful experience. I have always had an ambition to have my own business but until recently I wasn't sure how that would take shape. I'm a big believer in following your dreams and as much as I enjoyed my job in America, I didn't feel it was where my heart was. Brian and I have always had an interest in food and last year we decided to put our dream to the test and spent three months working in a restaurant in Italy."

When the Dublin woman returned home to Sandycove, she decided to put her cookery lessons to good use.

"It was a fantastic experience where we learnt what day-to-day life was really like in a working kitchen," she says.


"Having lived in New York where there were always so many culinary options to chose from, we were surprised when we returned to Dublin that there was very little out there which was dairy-free. So I started making my own fresh almond milk and we had the thought that there must be a way to use this almond milk to create an ice-cream. This involved a number of failed attempts in the kitchen to create a very pure and healthy ice-cream that was also creamy and delicious while being gluten and dairy-free -- it was a tall order but eventually we got there.

"Nobo is now up and running and sells at Marlay Park Farmers' Market and it is available for home delivery through our website. I am so much happier in my new role."