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'we both have to travel, we live in the country but can't work locally'

Ciara Jorgensen is married to Morten who is Norwegian. The couple met and lived in Dublin but moved to Clare to get out of the city. She works for Sheologydigital.com, a female-focused digital publisher, and spends two nights a week in Dublin. Morten works as an architect, spending three days in the capital and the rest of the week working from home. They have a three-year-old daughter, Elle.

"We moved to the country at the height of the Celtic Tiger. Morten keeping his Dublin job allowed us to buy the home we wanted.

"The situation we are in right now, with both of us travelling, is quite different 
and the recession rules out a change in circumstance. Dublin seems to be making its way out of the recession with housing prices and salary levels increasing.

"But outside of Dublin this isn't the case. This leaves us with a beautiful house in the countryside that we cannot sell without a significant loss, but without the possibility of earning enough to cover the mortgage through jobs locally.

"There are many couples working like this. About 15 to 20pc of all couples we know are in a similar situation to us with one person going away to other parts of Ireland or the UK for a weekly commute.

"We just do our best to get through it and make as much of the time we do have together."