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Waxing, tanning ... why guys are flocking for that 'pretty boy' look

MOVE over, pale, hairy Irish men -- there's a new generation of tanned, smooth guys on the scene.

The 'man tan' has taken off for Dublin men under 25, say beauty salon owners.

Marissa Carter, owner of Carter Beauty in Blackrock, said men are taking more care of their appearance -- and it's boosting business.

"I only really noticed it around last year. My sister was finished her Leaving Cert," she said. "She was going on her sixth-year holiday and she started booking young, hot men into the salon," she said.

"We were a little bit taken aback by the amount of boys."

Guys are getting their chests waxed, their eyebrows trimmed, the calluses taken off their feet, all in the name of beauty.

Loads of sportsmen -- football, rugby and GAA -- are undergoing painful waxing sessions.

"I think that young Irish girls are into that look a lot more," Marissa said. "The young guys are paying more attention to their looks.

"It has become not a big deal anymore, it is just seen as proper grooming. For young guys -- in the 18-to-25 age group -- this is the norm. They are really starting to give young girls a run for their money."

Marissa said that young girls are attracted to "prettier guys" such as One Direction, The Wanted, JLS and Jedward.

"Our generation likes men to be men," she said. "But young guys are looking at who the girls fancy and modelling themselves on that.


"Their fashion sense is all about skinny jeans, tight T-shirts and fitted clothes," she said. "It is a step up from what the metrosexuals were all about."

Mark Anthony (24), a student at UCD and part-time model from Dun Laoghaire, says he regularly makes sure he's impeccably groomed.

"It gives you the confidence. It is normal to want to have a healthy look," he says.

Marissa is gearing up big demand in the coming weeks.

"We are expecting a big increase in the numbers before the Leaving Cert holidays," she said. "The 'man tan' is coming into its own."