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Wave of terror

Children of the Tsunami

BBC2, 9pm This is a compelling documentary charting Japan's horrific tsunami, as told by children lucky enough to have survived the disaster. It features testimonies from pupils from two schools, one of which was located close to the nuclear disaster zone at Fukush-ima, where radiation leaks forced an evacuation of the area.

Village people


TV3, 7pm There's more conflict in Emmerdale tonight, as Cameron takes his bad mood out on Marlon. Eric hears Val is flying back home and does his best to seem disinterested. Meanwhile, Turner is not happy to hear about Declan's festival and Paddy does his best to say sorry to Rhona (left).

Tasty treats

Neven Maguire: Home Chef

RTE1, 8.30pm The Cavan- born celebrity chef heads to Ireland's oldest food company, Flahavans, to see how oats are processed into porridge flakes. The company has been milling quality oats for six generations. Neven also shows viewers how to make baked ham and leeks au gratin.

Cultural Healing

Make Bradford British

Channel 4, 9pm Bradford is one of the most multi-cultural cities in Britain. This two-parter asks resi-dents what it means to be British nowadays and citizens from different cultural backgrounds take a test to demonstrate their understanding of UK culture.