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Vicki should be very proud of herself

VICKI has come a long way since her first weigh in on October 1. The journey has been quite hard at times, from her starting point of being unfit and not eating healthily to training six days a week.

In addition, she has had a complete change of diet and lifestyle with very little alcohol and plenty of good sleep. However, she has emerged with a great toned figure and has kept all her curves. She has achieved a huge inch loss and weight loss, and now has increased energy with more zest for life, which will be very beneficial in tackling her new job.


Vicki's progress was monitored weekly, by checking her measurements and weight loss.

It sometimes happens that you lose inches more than weight. This happens because when you are eating healthily, your body uses the fat for energy resulting in inch loss.

People often say that the fat is turning into muscle, but this is just a myth. You cannot turn fat into muscle, but if you are lucky the muscle will tone up when the body fat decreases. Underneath the fat is muscle, so the more you train, particularly with weights, the more toned your body will become, giving you a more defined and symmetrical look without the bulging muscles.

One helpful tip is to put a photo on your fridge of how you looked before and after your new workout programme. This will remind you of how far you have come and may deter you when you are tempted by ice-cream or high-calorie foods.

It's amazing how effective this simple tip can be to keep you on track.

Also, enjoy all the positive comments about your new figure -- you deserve the praise.

After 10 weeks, Vicki has lost 23lb. She is down from 11st 13lb and has lost a total of 18¼ inches from all over her body.

This is a great result but as Vicki will say, at times it has been difficult, especially coming close to the end when the weight becomes static and the last few pounds get stubborn and won't shift.

This can be attributed to many things, for instance if it's your time of the month, if you are on the Pill, stress, change of daily routine etc.

Towards the end of the programme, you may need to shock the system into action.


I suggest a day of eating pears or grapes and water, giving the body a chance to eliminate waste from the intestines.

An alternative is to have a colonic irrigation but I think the thought of the latter frightened Vicki so the fruit day was her choice. Vicki put in the effort, ditched the junk food and alcohol and learned to exercise. She now has the body that she wants and she should be very proud of herself.