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'Uncool' lullabies key to mother-baby bond

BABIES' natural bonds with their mothers are being eroded as pushy parents attempt to fill children's time with increasingly busy schedules, according to research.

Young children develop naturally by responding to human voices and touch, it is claimed.

But a new book states that parents are pushing them too fast at a young age by filling their days with classes in yoga, swimming, music, even salsa.

Singing lullabies is one of the best ways of forging close bonds between mothers and their babies, the study said, but many parents now reject the approach because it is no longer "cool".

Sylvie Hétu, a childcare expert,writing in the book Too Much, Too Soon?, said: "Babies respond well to human voices, faces and touch, and they will naturally open themselves to the world."

Mrs Hétu said that children responded well to the singing of traditional lullabies, such as Baa Baa Black Sheep and Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.

"All cultures in the world have lullabies.

"This is the first generation of parents who do not routinely and intuitively sing to their babies. Singing used to be as natural as talking," she added.